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The Mission

1. Raise awareness about mental health and medication compliance 

“An astonishing number of patients (sometimes reported at 80 percent and rarely, if ever, below 30 percent) do not take or use their prescribed medicines as recommended by their prescribers. This results in suboptimal health outcomes, wasted expenditures on medications and excess hospitalizations.” - JEFF CRIBBS AND RICHARD GIBSON, M.D.

We use educational resources and proven techniques to educate patients on the importance of taking prescribed medications. We work with professional practices to implement systems in which doctors can learn more about how compliant his or her patients are to the medications provided.  

VitArbr is outcome driven, and we have seen the impact education can have on our patients. 



















3.  Educate the community on the connection of heart disease and mental health

VitArbr pushes to address the increased risk of cardiovascular disease in  those who suffer or have suffered a mental illness. VitArbr strives to monitor patients after surgery to help alleviate stress and make sure physiological problems are not impeding the path to recovery. 

Currently, we have partnered with the Sudden Cardiac-death Awareness Research Foundation ( to take a combined approach to targeting this epidemic. 

Medical Prescription

2. Use telemedicine to improve medication compliance in our community 


Telemedicine is a tool to bring healthcare to our fingertips. We use telemedicine as an educational delivery system for medical providers, patients, and families. By incorporating telehealth to address mental health, education and compliance will increase in our community. We partner with organizations and companies to bring increased access to healthcare professionals to the community.

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