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What is Telemedicine?


The application of servicing a virtual communication within the realm of healthcare is known as telemedicine. This form of medicine incorporates communication between patients and healthcare professionals through the means of video chat, remote monitoring, and applications. Telemedicine is also a method to provide continuing education to our community. Every year, the capabilities of telemedicine to enact change continues to grow. 

To give an example of telemedicine, imagine an app that has the ability to bring emergency room care to a patient's doorstep. You could be at home, at work, at dinner and still have direct access to your physician. Essentially this technology will collect data and send it to your physician so he or she can monitor it as soon as possible. Patients can chat with their physicians and if needed physicians can also video call their patients to give them immediate instructions in urgent situations. 

More and more hospitals are starting to incorporate AI and telemedicine into their practices. VitArbr plans to advance telehealth through research and collaboration to effectively incresase mental health medication compliance in our patients. 




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