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Our Team Members

Our team consists of a board of three and an advisory board consisting of high-school students. We pride ourselves in our diverse talents and intellects.

Administrative Team


Morish Shah

Co-Founder and Director

Morish Shah is a college freshman studying Public Health on his pursuit to medical school. His passion for VitArbr stems from the failure of our system to properly treat and address mental illness. He is committed to serving his community during this time of need. 


Dr. Paul Nguyen M.D.


Dr. Paul Nguyen is a board-certified cardiologist. In 2008 Dr. Nguyen founded Elite Cardiology LLC, where he currently practices Cardiovascular Medicine. In correspondence with Elite Cardiology, Dr. Nguyen collectively works and consults with patients at several other hospitals. In 2012, Dr. Nguyen and his wife Dr. Rubina Nguyen founded S.C.A.R.F., a nonprofit organization in response to the overwhelming need for public education and awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Death. Dr. Nguyen is, and always will be, a lifelong student and teacher in the ambitious pursuit to spread his experience of health, hope, and life within his community.


Varun Malladi

Co-Founder and Director

Varun Malladi is a college freshman currently studying Applied Mathematics. His frustration with the inability of current methods in addressing the rising rates of mental illness led him to help found VitArbr.  

Interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador and joining our team? Please click below for more information!

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